Fontana court: Attempt Murder - 3 shots fired at son-in-law...client had apparent ties to organized crime...statements by client’s family implied planning took place. I convinced prosecutor to dismiss against my client’s daughter and son...client got probation and local jailtime.

Orange County DMV: Administrative DUI Hearing - client followed from local motorcycle hangout by officers who detained client for modified/loud exhaust on his Harley Davidson motorcycle...0.012% blood alcohol level.  I convinced DMV Hearing Officer that detention by police officer was based on subjective criteria causing DMV to set aside license suspension.

Fullerton court: Assault w/ Deadly Weapon - client accused of stabbing 2 people outside of nightclub...client identified by multiple witnesses...client already on felony probation for Assault w/ Deadly Weapon. I convinced judge at Preliminary Hearing to allow client to be released pending Trial/Settlement on an Electronic Monitoring Bracelet.

Barstow/Needles court: Driving Under the Influence - 2nd offense within 1 year with out-of-state Boating Under the Influence case pending...client followed over significant distance by 911 caller operating boat in reckless manner and seen drinking while operating boat...911 caller allegedly witnessed client severely intoxicated backing truck/trailer and pulling boat out of water...911 caller identified client as driver and indicated that client switched to passenger seat after overhearing call to police...client allegedly admitted driving to officer and tested at 0.17% blood alcohol level several hours after the arrest. I convinced prosecutor that Arizona resident 911 caller gave false information to police due to bias against male client who had 7 female companions and all charges were dismissed.

Newport Beach court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly found slumped behind wheel of running vehicle with open beer...0.23% blood alcohol level...client stated that he had just come from getting beer and cigarettes. I convinced jury to find client not guilty on all charges.

San Bernardino court: Assault with a Firearm - client allegedly admitted to firing multiple shots at next door neighbor after both neighbor and 3rd party reported the attempted shooting. I convinced prosecutor to reduce charge to Negligent Discharge of a Firearm with probation and credit for the 73 days client had done in jail.

Fullerton court: Domestic Violence - client allegedly seen by 2 independent witnesses picking up and throwing girlfriend onto ground during argument...client was on parole...client had allegedly chased girlfriend after he broke window in her van. I convince jury to find client not guilty on all charges.

Perris court: Unlawful Discharge of Firearm - client accused of firing handgun at what turned out to be neighborhood teenagers behind his house. Other attorney turned in plea that required jail time for client. I successfully used Motion to Withdraw Plea to re-negotiate no-jail settlement of case.

Newport Beach court: Engaging in a Speed Contest/Street Racing - client accused of weaving in and out of heavy traffic cutting off other vehicles in near 100mph chase with multiple other communication device found and several officers involved in attempts to perform traffic stop on other participants...police pursuit continued over several miles.  I convinced prosecutor to dismiss all charges with small donation to charitable organization.

Santa Ana court: Driving Under the Influence - client followed by officer monitoring bar that he worked at. I convinced jury to find client not guilty on one count and judge to dismiss on 2nd count although client did have problems with several field sobriety tests and first alcohol test showed him over 0.08%.

San Bernardino court: Use/Influence of Methamphetamine - client and 2 others detained after noise and fighting complaint at residence. I obtained police reports from other 2 defendants showing 2 other officers wrote different reasons for police contact. I ran motion to suppress evidence causing judge to first deny motion, then pressure prosecutors to reduce charges to Disturbing the Peace saving client from mandatory 90 days of jail.

Santa Ana court: Assault w/ Great Bodily Injury - client allegedly had 6 friends lure victim out of apartment and group beating ensued...skull fracture and tooth knocked out of victim...client refused to identify other participants...client identified as hitting victim in face multiple times. I convinced jury to find client not guilty of all felony charges...client found guilty of misdemeanor battery/assault only.

Fullerton/Santa Ana courts: 2 separate Felony cases of Unlawful Driving/Taking of a Vehicle/GTA along with separate Methamphetamine Paraphernalia case - client on probation out-of-county for Felony Grand Theft charges...client allegedly steals acquaintance’s rental car...client seen entering car during police surveillance and runs from police when contact is attempted...client fails to appear in court...client arrested while driving second rental car that was reported stolen after client made no payments and kept second rental car for 1 1/2 months after contract specified client was to return it. I convinced prosecutors in both courts to reduce charges to misdemeanors with informal probation and "credit for time served" jail term and agreement to pay back rental company losses. This allowed client to face out-of-county Felony probation violation without having what would have been almost certain Prison commitment.

Blythe court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly followed by officer after he drove up to house during search of a notorious parolee...officer testified that he saw client get out of driver’s seat...0.17% blood alcohol level. I convinced jury to find client not guilty on all charges.

Santa Ana court: Fraudulent use of Credit Card and Grand Theft (25 Felony counts) - client caught on security tape using stolen credit cards and client later admits to stealing $30k from elderly patients at medical facilities over a 2 year time frame.  I convinced prosecutor to dismiss majority of counts and then got judge to agree to House Arrest with Probation allowing client to clear record at end of Probation period.

Newport Beach/Westminster/Santa Ana courts: Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol w/ 13 year old Arrest Warrants for Felony Heroin Possession case plus separate Drug Diversion fallout - client failed sobriety tests on DUI case and tested positive for alcohol/marijuana/Xanax/methadone...client had been sentenced on Drug Diversion fallout case to 120 days in jail and had failed to appear after O.R. release on Felony Heroin case. I convinced Santa Ana prosecutor to dismiss the Felony Heroin Possession case and I convinced Newport Beach prosecutors that client's anxiety contributed to poor field sobriety test performance resulting in DUI charges being reduced with 12 hour class and $248 in total fees. I had Drug Diversion fallout/120 day jail case transferred to Westminster court and filed motion in front of retired judge that had originally sentenced client to jail time and further convinced judge to reinstate client in Drug Diversion for purposes of then ruling that client had successfully completed the course and deleting the 120 day jail term. After over a decade on the run, client's criminal record has no drug convictions and is finally able to get her driver's license again with a minimal effect on insurance rates.

San Bernardino court: Under the Influence and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - client had 33 open cases for Under the Influence of Rock Cocaine and Paraphernalia spread throughout various courts in San Bernardino county. I convinced prosecutor and judge to allow client to have all but 4 cases dismissed and be released from custody after completing 11 week in-custody drug program.

Fullerton court: Minor Driving with 0.05% Blood Alcohol Level - client found asleep behind steering wheel in # 1 lane on northbound 57 freeway at midnight. I filed Motion to Exclude 0.07% alcohol test prior to hearing causing court to dismiss case. I actually apologized to the officer after this hearing because I was impressed that he had truly given my client a break by being honest in his police report.

Santa Ana court: Assault and Attempted Kidnap - victim allegedly met client in parking lot of warehouse store to break off relationship. Victim alleged that client punched her in face and forcibly kept victim in car against her will until she jumped out of moving vehicle sustaining injuries from being dragged in open passenger door. Client was on Felony drug probation. I convinced prosecutors that "victim" was attempting to frame my client due to his breaking off the relationship after it had already caused problems with her husband finding out about affair. I convinced prosecutors to not only not file case but, not file any probation violation based on the incident.

Banning court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly approached as she was having sex with boyfriend in car...officer testified that she tried to drive away and tested at 0.13% blood alcohol level. I convinced jury to find client not guilty on all charges.

Newport Beach court: Driving Under the Influence w/ Accident - client allegedly seen by witnesses operating sportbike at high speeds on freeway and losing control on offramp...four separate chemical tests showed 0.12% blood alcohol level.  I convinced prosecutor to dismiss DUI charges with plea to lesser charge of Reckless Driving.

San Bernardino/Victorville courts: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly reported by multiple 911 calls for reckless driving...officers saw vehicle make wrong way turn and client tested over limit. Client was on Drug Diversion for methamphetamine case. I convinced prosecutor to allow for reduced Reckless Driving plea with minor fine and with stipulation that client would not have his Diversion violated so that client can have drug case dismissed off of his record.

Long Beach court: Ticket Scalping - I ran motion to dismiss based on Constitutional violation of statute causing prosecutor to dismiss all charges just prior to hearing.

Fullerton court: Lewd Act in Public - client on probation for Arson and prior Lewd Act/Indecent Exposure case arrested on 2 separate pending Lewd Act cases.  In one case client allegedly exposed himself to and solicited officer while fondling the undercover officer. In second case, client allegedly caught in flagrante delicto between 2 other participants in open area of a public park.  I convinced judge to allow client to stay out of custody while case was pending without having to post bail.  I later convinced sentencing judge to allow client to apply for a work program so that he could stay out of custody and continue to attend counseling for depression and sexual addiction.

Riverside court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly released from jail on 1st DUI case in morning and got arrested later in day on 2nd DUI case. I convinced judge to grant motion to dismiss based on improper notice to client of second case.

Rancho Cucamonga court: Driving with Suspended License with Priors - client detained for traffic offenses allegedly admits to knowledge of driver’s license suspension. Record shows client has been cited on 4 occasions in 2 years for license suspension that began with Evading and Reckless Driving charges. I convinced prosecutor to reduce to non-point Unlicensed Driver charges with no impact on client’s driving privilege as we coordinated conviction date to occur after DMV probation had ended.

Santa Ana court: Illegal Audio System in a Vehicle - I ran motion to dismiss based on Unconstitutional vagueness of statute causing judge to find a violation and dismiss charges.

El Monte court: Indecent Exposure - client identified in two incidents allegedly flashing other drivers and committing lewd acts. Client tracked down by license plate and identified in photo lineup. I was able to convince detectives and prosecutors in "Pre-filing" meeting to reject filing of charges with client being given formal warning.

San Bernardino court: Negligent Discharge of a Firearm - client allegedly took multiple shots at 2 teenagers who were walking on his property attempting to take his rowboat out on his pond. One of the teens was hit. I convinced prosecutors to reduce case to a misdemeanor with client doing 60 days in jail.

Newport Beach court: Possession of Prescription Meds for Sale - client allegedly pulled over with approximately 400 Xanax/Soma/Vicodin pills along with Marijuana in car and officer determined he had recently used. I convinced prosecutor to allow client to do a class and dismiss case after 1 year.

Blythe court: Hit and Run on Police cruiser and Evading Arrest - client allegedly left a bar and drove back up to bar on off-road motorcycle. When officer attempted to stop motorcycle the motorcycle collided with the police vehicle and a chase followed through several fields leading to client’s house. A neighbor listening to a scanner called 911 and identified client. I convinced judge there was insufficient evidence on Felony Evading charge at Preliminary Hearing and, later, convinced prosecutor to reduce all charges to misdemeanors with probation.

Westminster court: Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana - client allegedly seen driving up Main street in Huntington Beach smoking out of "bong." I filed Motion to Suppress Evidence arguing that officer could not determine if "bong" had a "carburetor" leading prosecutor to dismiss DUI charges in exchange for non-drug related plea with small fine.

San Bernardino court: Felony Vandalism w/ 3-strike enhancement - client allegedly threw large rock at $15,000 paint job on showcar causing major damage. Rock was apparently thrown in response to owner of car chastising client as he was yelling at his young daughter and client was apparently using drugs. I convinced judge at Preliminary Hearing to dismiss all charges by continuing objection to valuation of damage to car by owner essentially arguing that cost to repaint showcar relied on hearsay testimony.

Bellflower court: Credit Card Fraud - client allegedly used stolen card to have $8,000 in high-perf auto parts delivered to his house...merchant had UPS driver identify client. I convinced judge to dismiss the case because merchant’s intervention and passage of time violated client’s right to fair trial.

Indio court: 2nd and 3rd Driving Under the Influence - client got 2nd DUI then rolled car and was found drunk next to car during 3rd DUI case. I convinced prosecutor to allow client to do 3 days of trash pickup in addition to his 1 day of jail credit and plead to Public Intoxication on rollover case.

Vista court: Driving Under the Influence - firefighter client w/ 0.11% blood alcohol level. I convinced prosecutor to allow reduced plea to non-alcohol related Reckless Driving.

Needles court: Driving Under the Influence w/ Injury - passenger ejected from vehicle. I convinced prosecutor after almost 2 years of appearances to dismiss case.

Newport Beach court: Domestic Violence with Injury - client allegedly pulled victim out of bed and both kicked her and repeatedly slammed a door on her causing injuries to both legs and both sides of her face. Client was on probation for DUI. I convinced prosecutors that victim had alcohol issues and mental health issues that made her an unbelievable witness causing prosecutors to first agree to dismiss case if client admitted to violating his probation. On pushing matter to Trial, prosecutors finally dismissed all charges as well as allegation of probation violation.

Barstow court: Transportation/Possession of Marijuana for Sale - client driving car with marijuana in passenger compartment...driver allegedly impaired and admitted recent use...3 equally weighed out 1 pound bags of marijuana in trunk...client admits knowledge of marijuana in his passenger was taking his "medical marijuana" to Kingman, AZ. I convinced prosecutor to reduce to simple DUI with extra $100 fine for possessing "under 1 ounce" of marijuana.

Santa Ana court: Assault w/ Firearm and Domestic Violence - client’s wife called 911 with client who had been on 4 day methamphetamine binge in background saying "I’d love to shoot some cops" as wife narrates that client is loading gun...client allegedly held gun to wife’s head saying "I’ll take it all the way this time." Hung jury on all felony counts...convinced prosecutor to reduce all charges to misdemeanors with 40 hours community service and domestic violence classes.

Needles court: Boating Under the Influence w/ Injury - client allegedly operating boat at 40mph in darkness hits 40 degree embankment on California side of Colorado River...girlfriend injured...0.13% blood alcohol level. I convinced prosecutor to reduce to Reckless Boating charge that is not priorable.

Fullerton court: Under the Influence of Methamphetamine - client was passenger during vehicle stop...client tried to leave scene during sobriety test...client was ordered back to scene and symptoms of Meth use were discovered. I convinced judge to suppress evidence leading to case being dismissed.

Rancho Cucamonga court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly crashed car with girlfriend passed out in back seat...girlfriend identified client as driver and only other person in car. I convinced judge to refuse to force immunity on girlfriend for hypothetical violation leading to prosecutor having to announce that they were unable to proceed...judge dismissed case.

Van Nuys court: Driving Under the Influence - client driving during darkness without headlights...tested over limit on first set of tests with borderline result on second set of breath tests. Statements indicated alcohol level had been falling and BAC at time of driving over limit. I convinced prosecutor that paperwork errors in police report would result in good defense case and all alcohol-related charges were dropped with plea to Exhibition of Speed and small fine with no classes.

Victorville court: Possession of Marijuana for Sale - after public defender pled client to 180 days of straight time in jail. I convinced judge to modify sentence to allow client 3 months of trash pickup on weekends in lieu of going forward with plea withdrawal.

Santa Ana court: Cultivation/Possession of Marijuana for Sale - 3 bedrooms of 5 bedroom house entirely dedicated to cultivation...over 300 plants and 40 pounds of marijuana at scene...$1,500 check written by client for electric bill intercepted. I convinced prosecutor to allow reduced plea to misdemeanor for allowing use of drugs at house with 80 hours community service...felony charges to be dismissed after successful misdemeanor probation.

Needles court: Possession of Loaded Firearm - client stopped for not wearing helmet and officer found gun and loaded clip in unlocked saddlebag of motorcycle. I convinced prosecutor to dismiss all charges.

Banning court: Driving Under the Influence in Commercial Vehicle - client allegedly passing stopped traffic on the shoulder at approximately 40mph in a Tractor-Trailer Rig while over the 0.08% limit applicable to passenger cars. I convinced prosecutor to reduce charge to simple passenger car violation allowing the client to keep his commercial license.

Compton court: Driving Under the Influence w/ Injury - client allegedly drives off roadway into ditch...stuck for over an hour...0.13% blood alcohol level...lacerations to passenger’s head. I convinced prosecutor to reduce to straight DUI plea to avoid 1 year license suspension and additional terms for injury cases.

Orange Juvenile court: Driving Under the Influence w/ Injury - client allegedly failed to slow for freeway construction traffic causing major collision causing significant injuries with Felony charges filed. Medical bills well over $50,000 requiring follow-up plastic surgery to correct scars on female victim’s face. I convinced judge to allow client to have case dismissed and sealed after completion of diversion-type program without client ever having to admit to charge.

Fontana court: Felony Evading and Reckless Driving - client allegedly took motorcycle to over 130mph after seeing officer’s lights and winding through back roads including residential areas running at least 3 stop signs while looking back over shoulder at officer. Client eventually pulled over and turned off motorcycle after being stuck behind cars. I convinced jury to find client not guilty of Felony charges and client was put on probation for Reckless Driving with trash pickup duty on weekends.

LA Metro court: Driving Under the Influence - client had 0.14% blood alcohol level and did poorly on Sobriety Tests after 2 car collision. I convinced prosecutor to reduce to Exhibition of Speed charge.

Fullerton court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly ran car onto freeway barrier...client admits driving but, 3 other people were there...prosecutors attempted to use one of the passengers to testify but, explanation to passenger of his rights as prosecutors were grilling him led to passenger invoking right to remain silent and refusing immunity offered by prosecutors. Played hardball with prosecutors forced them to dismiss case.

Barstow court: Driving Under the Influence with Accident - client ran rental car into back of Tractor-Trailer at over 0.20% blood alcohol level causing major spill of rig’s contents onto 15 freeway. I convinced prosecutor to reduce case to Reckless Driving charge with increased fine so that client’s credit card would pay for over $50,000 in expenses due to totaled rental car and damage to rig.

Pomona court: Driving Under the Influence and Reckless Evading - client allegedly tested at 0.24% blood alcohol content refused to stop for lights/sirens of police vehicle instead driving several miles to his driveway hoping that he car would not be towed. Officer stated that client ran several stop lights/signs with numerous other vehicle code violations. I convinced prosecutor that driver’s level of severe intoxication was mitigating factor regarding the Evading charge and all Evading charges were dismissed avoiding jail time with client paying fine and doing minimum length class for DMV.

San Bernardino court: Possession of 2 ½ pounds Marijuana for Sale and Stolen Handgun - client pursued after allegedly threatening other male with a gun...client followed by undercover car to house. Gun charged dismissed at Preliminary Hearing. I convinced judge to preclude prosecutor from using marijuana found in car at Trial which forced prosecutors to dismiss.

Newport Beach court: Driving Under the Influence - client arrested in Long Beach court jurisdiction on 2nd DUI case in July...client then arrested in Newport Beach court jurisdiction on 3rd DUI case in August...client then arrested in Westminster court jurisdiction in September. All cases had alcohol levels well-above legal limit. Westminster prosecutors realized that client had 2 additional Colorado priors. I convinced prosecutors to allow plea for 40 days in jail with 40 days of credit for time served in Westminster court. Newport Beach prosecutors then amended complaint to charge Felony DUI while still not realizing that Long Beach case existed. I convinced Preliminary Hearing judge in Newport Beach case to strike/dismiss the Colorado priors and allow client 120 days of house arrest and, at same time, prosecutors discovered Long Beach case. Newport Beach prosecutors attempted to delay Newport Beach case to refile their case as a Felony and, when judge still allowed for house arrest plea, Newport Beach prosecutors contacted Long Beach prosecutors in attempt to have them re-file the Long Beach case as a 4th/Felony DUI. I convinced Long Beach judge to continue to allow plea to 30 days house arrest concurrent with Newport Beach punishment as client had signed and notarized Long Beach plea forms prior to offer being withdrawn by Long Beach prosecutors. Total result was 28 actual days of jail and 120 days of house arrest along with alcohol class for combination of a 4th, 5th and 6th DUI within 7 years.

Chino court: Vandalism and Civil Restraining Order - client allegedly seen "keying" entire body of ex-fiance’s new car after learning she was engaged again. Ex-Fiancé additionally filed for separate Restraining Order attempting to use it to get client fired as the two worked at the same business. I convinced prosecutor to reduced plea of Disturbing the Peace to preserve client’s ability to pursue firefighting career and I convinced judge to strike the "stay 100 yards away" provision of Restraining Order so client could keep job.

Riverside court: Felony Embezzlement - client allegedly cashes several checks intended for his employer which totaled well over $10k. Client was on active probation for multi-offense DUI, Suspended License, Grand Theft and Domestic Violence incidents.  I convinced prosecutor (over a supervisor’s objection) to reduce offense to simple Misdemeanor Theft offense to avoid impact on client’s stock trading career with payment of only $3,000 of the loss...client spent 59 days on "House Arrest" which allowed him to be away from home 12 hours per day for all 7 days a week.

San Bernardino court: Driving Under the Influence - client arrested on 5th offense DUI in Redlands with 0.20% blood alcohol level blowing through stop. I convinced prosecutor to allow for local jailtime with no probation and Misdemeanor conviction.

Santa Ana court: Driving Under the Influence and Use of Methamphetamine - client on 2nd DUI pulled over going 110mph on freeway and tested positive for both alcohol and meth. Drug Recognition Expert testified that testing proved the client was impaired by both alcohol and drugs. In trial, I used difference in DUI requirement of "substantial" impairment and Drug requirement of just impairment to highlight lack of evidence of guilt of DUI and jury hung on DUI charge. I then convinced judge to dismiss 2nd DUI charge on motion saving client from approximately 90 days in jail and classes required for a 2nd DUI while going 30mph over speed limit.

Needles court: Reckless Driving - client allegedly driving Corvette on twisty section of 2 lane road on radar at over 140mph with pursuit lasting almost 5 miles. I convinced prosecutor to dismiss all Vehicle code violations saving client’s driving record in exchange for plea to Disturbing the Peace as an infraction.

Hemet court: Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly failed to appear at court date listed on her citation and had warrant issued due to non-appearance along with hold placed on driver’s license. I convinced judge to dismiss case due to prosecutor’s lack of proof of attempts to actually notify client of missed court date.

Barstow court: 3 counts Reckless Driving - client allegedly pulled over 3 times within 1 hour traveling well over 100mph weaving in and out of traffic. Each officer warned client they would be alerting other officers that she was driving in hazardous manner. I convinced prosecutor to dismiss all but one of the Reckless Driving charges with no jail time and small fine and allowing client to keep her license from being suspended due to excessive points.

Fullerton court: Transportation and Possession of Marijuana for Sale - client was passenger in vehicle allegedly pulled over after motor officer observed occupants smoking Marijuana while driving. Client admitted that bag containing 3 ounces of Marijuana, a scale, and baggies was his. Client had large amount of cash on his person. Officer testified at both Motion hearing and Preliminary Hearing that Sales were involved. Client was cited on a separate Marijuana violation while case was pending. I convinced judge to put pressure on prosecutor to allow "dual plea" with Sales charges being dismissed upon plea to one Felony and one Misdemeanor violation. Client was allowed to work jail time off as a "trustee" for a local police department and put on informal probation for the Misdemeanor charge. Upon completion of the Misdemeanor probation, the Felony count will be dismissed without any sentencing leaving client with no record of any Felony conviction.

Victorville court: False Impersonation of a Police Officer - client allegedly had misleading badge and represented self as a police officer threatening arrest if people would not voluntarily surrender their cars for repossession. I convinced prosecutors to dismiss charges that would allow client to keep working as licensed private investigator in exchange for no jail time and plea to disturbing the peace.

Murrieta court: Possession of Marijuana for Sale - client allegedly detained and found with drugs in vehicle with subsequent search of house turning up over 2 pounds of Marijuana. Client was on probation for Transportation of 90 pounds of Marijuana and had 2 prior Felony convictions on record. I convinced prosecutor and court to find "good cause" to grant probation with 90 days of weekend trash pickup.

San Luis Obispo/Westminster courts: Driving Under the Influence with Priors - client allegedly detained for driving against traffic on wrong side of road...tested around double the limit one year after being put on probation for prior DUI and failing to pay fines or attend class. I convinced prosecutor and judges in both counties to work out coordinated resolution allowing for 20 days of Electronic Monitoring allowing client to go to work during the day and keep employment.

Norwalk court: Transportation of Marijuana, Methamphetamine and Cocaine - client allegedly admitted minor sales of drugs when found in possession of several ounces of Marijuana, ½ ounce of Meth and 1 ounce of Cocaine. Client had several drug and other Felony prior convictions. Officers testified at Preliminary Hearing that amount of drugs plus amount of money in client’s possession clearly indicated Sales were involved. I convinced judge at Superior Court Arraignment that client was eligible for drug program with no jail time based on specific language in Complaint filed by prosecutors. The case was sent for eligibility review by Probation and Probation denied that client was eligible without specific finding by Norwalk judge that Sales were not involved. I successfully argued in front of drug program judge that Constitutional provisions prohibited further review or factual determination regarding whether case was a "Sales-Related" Transportation charge and client was placed into outpatient drug treatment.

Barstow court: Driving Under the Influence - client detained for moving violations and tested over limit on 4 separate tests. Client was at risk of losing ability to continue with driving job he had with a Federal government agency and would be terminated entirely with any Vehicle code violation involving alcohol or reckless conduct. I convinced prosecutor to reduce charge to offense that involved operating a vessel/boat with alcohol involved with small fine and 12 hour class to save client’s employment.

Westminster court: Possession of Cocaine - client contacted after noise complaint at a party to celebrate his completion of a court-ordered drug program. Client allegedly admitted vial of cocaine found was his while thinking that he was simply eligible for a second program. Although statute specifically precludes eligibility on 2nd drug arrests, I convinced prosecutor that client had given admission solely to stop officers from arresting parolee who was present and that charges should be dismissed on completion of a 16 session drug class.

Mojave court: Under the Influence and Possession of Methamphetamine and Paraphernalia - client in car on side of road allegedly smoking drugs with passenger. I convinced prosecutor that officers did incomplete investigation and poor drug recognition evaluation leading to all Felony charges being dismissed up front with misdemeanor Paraphernalia charge being dismissed on completion of drug class.

Fullerton court: Unlawful Driving/Theft of Vehicle and Grand Theft - ex-employee client allegedly took commercial vehicle from work 2 days after being fired for stealing and selling company property. Meth pipe found in vehicle and client had multiple Felony prior convictions. I convinced prosecutor that shady business dealings of company along with the poor inventory records would make Felony charges difficult to prove and prosecutor ultimately allowed Misdemeanor plea with only informal probation and no jail time.

Compton court: Driving 30+ mph over limit while Driving Under the Influence - client allegedly driving well over 100mph with blood alcohol tests between 0.12 and 0.14%. I convinced prosecutor to dismiss speeding allegations saving client from mandatory 60 day jail sentence.

Santa Barbara court: Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Public Intoxication - client arrested at college party while 18 years old. I convinced court and alternative sentencing coordinator to allow client to attend Alcohol Awareness class near his home and have case dismissed. Client never had to show up in court, paid no fine and avoided 1 year license suspension normally imposed by the DMV.

Barstow court: 2nd DUI w/ Accident and Possession of Counterfeit Goods - after rollover accident, inventory of client’s SUV turned up several hundred counterfeit trademarked watches and handbags (i.e. Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Breitling, etc.) with client testing at 0.15% blood alcohol level. I convinced special prosecutor to allow plea to only misdemeanor charges with no jail time and client paying small fine and doing alcohol class.

Newport Beach court: Transportation of Cocaine, Reckless Evading, Use of Controlled Substance and 2nd DUI - during pursuit client allegedly seen throwing baggie of cocaine into toll road change hopper (baggie recovered) and chased off of toll road through industrial complex. Client admitted cocaine use just before driving and failed drug sobriety test with positive chemical tests. Client still on formal probation for 1st DUI that involved alleged threats on officer. I convinced prosecutors and judge to allow client to do outpatient drug program with dismissal of all charges on completion of program.

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  • Central (Santa Ana) Justice Center: 700 Civic Center Dr. West, Santa Ana, CA
  • West (Westminster) Justice Center: 8141 13th Street, Westminster, CA
  • Harbor (Newport Beach) Justice Center: 4601 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach, CA
  • Harbor/South (Laguna Niguel) Justice Center: —currently closed/under construction
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  • Los Padrinos Juvenile Court: 7281 E. Quill, Downey, CA
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  • San Fernando Valley Juvenile Court: 16350 Filbert St., Sylmar, CA
  • East District: —Pomona: 400 Civic Center Plz., Pomona, CA
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  • Catalina Courthouse: 215 Sumner Ave., Avalon, CA
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  • Malibu Courthouse: 23525 W. Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA
  • Beverly Hills Courthouse: 9355 Burton Way # 300, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Culver Courthouse: 4130 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA
  • West Los Angeles Courthouse: 1633 Purdue Ave., Los Angeles, CA
  • Airport Courthouse: 11701 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Riverside County

  • Riverside Criminal Department: 4100 Main St., Riverside, CA
  • Corona Court: —currently closed for criminal matters
  • Southwest Justice Center: 30755 Auld Rd., Murrieta, CA
  • Perris Court: —currently closed
  • Hemet Court: —currently closed for criminal matters
  • Banning Court: 155 E. Hays St., Banning, CA
  • Indio Court: 46-200 Oasis St., Indio, CA
  • Blythe Court: 265 N. Broadway, Blythe, CA

San Bernardino County

  • San Bernardino Central District: 351 N. Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA
  • Fontana District: 17780 Arrow Route, Fontana, CA
  • Redlands District: —currently closed for criminal matters
  • Rancho Cucamonga District: 8303 N. Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Chino District: 13260 Central Ave., Chino, CA
  • Big Bear District: 477 Summit Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA
  • Twin Peaks District: —currently closed for criminal matters
  • Victorville District: 14455 Civic Dr., Victorville, CA
  • Barstow District: 235 E. Mountain View Ave., Barstow, CA
  • Needles District: 1111 Bailey Ave., Needles, CA
  • Joshua Tree: 6527 White Feather Rd., Joshua Tree, CA

San Diego County

  • North County (Vista Regional Center) Division: 325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA
  • San Marcos Branch: 338 Via Vera Cruz, San Marcos, CA
  • Central (San Diego) Division: 220 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA
  • Central (Kearny Mesa Branch) Division: 8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA
  • South County (Chula Vista) Division: 500 Third Ave., Chula Vista, CA
  • East County (El Cajon) Division: 250 E. Main St., El Cajon, CA

Imperial County

  • Main Courthouse: 939 W. Main Street, El Centro, CA
  • Brawley Court Department: 383 Main Street, Brawley, CA
  • Calexico Court Department: 415 E. 4th Street, Calixico, CA

Kern County

  • Superior Courts Building: 1415 Truxton Ave., Bakersfield, CA
  • Bakersfield Court: 1215 Truxton Ave., Bakersfield, CA
  • Ridgecrest Branch: 132 E. Coso St., Ridgecrest, CA
  • Kern River Branch: 7046 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella, CA
  • Mojave Branch: 1773 Hwy. 58, Mojave, CA
  • Delano-McFarland Branch: 1122 Jefferson St., Delano, CA
  • Shafter-Wasco Branch: 325 Central Valley Hwy., Shafter, CA
  • Arvin-Lamont Branch: 12022 Main Street, Lamont, CA
  • Maricopa-Taft Branch: 311 N. Lincoln St., Taft, CA

Santa Barbara County

  • Anacapa Building (South County): 1100 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, CA
  • Figueroa Building (South County): 118 E. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, CA
  • Cook Building (North County): 312-C East Cook St., Santa Maria, CA
  • Miller Building (North County): 312-M East Cook St., Santa Maria, CA
  • Lompoc Building (North County): 115 Civic Center Plz., Lompoc, CA
  • Solvang Building (North County): 1745 Mission Dr. # C, Solvang, CA

Ventura County

  • Main Courthouse: —Hall of Justice: 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura, CA
  • East County Division: 3855-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CAType your paragraph here.