Since the day that I was sworn in to practice law on June 2, 1997, my career has been focused entirely on defending people accused of criminal offenses in Trial courts throughout Southern California.

        What led me to the decision to pursue a career in criminal defense began significantly earlier in my life and many friends from my teenage years would tell you that my constant skepticism and challenge of authority put me on a crash-course with the law in either a good or a bad way.  In my high school years, I believe that experiences that I shared with teammates in football, wrestling and track encouraged the development of my identity as a loyal and highly ethical person who pushes on long after others would have given up.



Criminal Defense

About the Lawyer

       After graduating from a local O.C. high school, I worked for the Los Angeles Times while attending college.  Working for the newspaper was a valuable experience for me mainly as my years of contact and friendship with co-workers of various ethnicities gave me with insight into what others go through in life, and more particularly, with regard to police contacts.  I graduated from the California State University at Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy in 1994.  Both my studies in Philosophy and my participation in competitive Argumentation and Debate while at CSULB reinforced both my drive and my skill at dealing with authority and was a further push towards my criminal defense career.  Still working at the Times, I began law school at Western State University C.O.L. in Orange County.  At W.S.U., I was one of only two people in my class who graduated from W.S.U.’s full-time accelerated program and I obtained a Juris Doctorate in December of 1996.  For the last year of law school, I began an internship as a certified law clerk and worked as a defense investigator for a group of criminal defense attorneys in San Bernardino county and that work continued until I became a licensed attorney.

       As for my personal life, I live in the Huntington Beach area where I enjoy spending time with family and friends including my two dachshunds.  I try to go boating as often as I can both in the coastal waters between Long Beach and Catalina as well as  in Lake Havasu and other parts of the Colorado River.  I have been an avid motorcycle enthusiast since my early 20's and I also enjoy winter sports including snow skiing and snowmobiling.  While this might be atypical for others in my profession, I enjoy working on my own toys and have built engines and done custom paintwork on several cars, trucks, boats, jet skis and motorcycles over the years.  My hobbies provide a necessary balance that helps to make my work life possible.

        Since June of 1997, I have done nothing but represent people, all kinds of people, who have been faced with the daunting task of dealing with the criminal courts.  I represent people at the Trial court level and have tried cases as minor as an “Annoying Phone Calls” case and as serious as major Methamphetamine Lab cases, Robberies and “3 Strikes” cases.  Because prosecutors have turned Domestic Violence and Driving Under the Influence into political issues in recent years, I have dramatically increased my focus on trials in those areas.  I have been the lead attorney on cases as serious as Attempted Murder and have assisted on Murder cases and I have successfully settled several thousand criminal cases.

        After working with several law firms as well as handling several thousand court-appointed criminal cases in the first years of my career, I opened the Law Office of Marc McBride in Santa Ana in September of 2000 (office moved in February of 2013) where I have continued to pursue my goal of helping good people out when they are facing difficult times while charging reasonable fees.  If you are looking for a lawyer who is committed to solving your legal problems in a way that minimizes stress so that you can get on with your life, I may be the one you are looking for.  Feel free to call or text me at 714-765-9990 to set up an office or telephone consultation to discuss what I may be able to do to help.