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       Unfortunately, many of the people in power (including Politicians, Judges, Prosecutors and Police Officers) do not consider it their job to preserve your rights and even fewer wish to listen to you.  "Harsh" punishment is what they believe the system is about.  You should take this threat seriously because Misdemeanor and Felony consequences can include:

  • Jail and/or Prison sentences
  • Thousands of dollars in fines/fees
  • Costly and time-consuming Counseling programs
  • Embarrassment
  • Lost Employment
  • Suspension of Professional and Drivers Licenses
  • Insurance cancellation

        It takes skill, knowledge and preparation to make a Criminal Case work out the way that it should and that means that you are smart to be looking for the right Criminal Defense Lawyer today.  Even if you do not call me, you should talk to someone (NOTE: for DUI cases you only have 10 days to schedule a DMV hearing to save the suspension of your Drivers License).  Of course, as a local Attorney who has focused entirely on Criminal Defense since 1997, I ensure that each of my clients’ cases has the best possible outcome and I can usually make the process convenient by appearing for my clients in court.

        I am offended that our "System" is influenced by Politics more than by Fairness and Respect for our Individual Rights.  I do my part by offering free initial consultations at work-friendly times.  Please call or text me at (714) 765-9990 so that we can set up an office consultation or arrange to discuss your matter over the phone.  I try keep my fees affordable and you WILL NOT find another attorney with my levels of commitment and experience who can match my current reduced fees of $2,000 for 1st DUIs (and most misdemeanors) and $3,500 for low-level felonies (***Ask about $500 "Early-Retainer" Discount***).

        One last thought: be careful when choosing a law office as many of my lower-priced competitors use paralegals, secretaries, or so-called "case managers" to talk to clients.  Lawyers who run these "criminal defense mills" cut costs by limiting contact with your lawyer.  These offices typically use inexperienced "associate" attorneys to handle your case and they often give these "associates" more cases than they can reasonably handle.  Once the "associates" in these "mills" gain the experience needed to handle criminal cases, they will typically move on to better paying jobs or open competing offices.  With a single-attorney office such as mine, developing your talent as a lawyer always pays off.  Every time that I show a Prosecutor I will beat them in Trial makes my next settlement negotiation go smoother.  Most importantly, my satisfied clients ensure my success by sending their friends to my office.

        If you, like my clients, are looking for a lawyer who will personally handle every aspect of your defense at a fair price, you should call me.  My practice is strictly limited to defense of criminal matters and I have successfully handled thousands of cases through settlement or trial.  I am sure that I can help you.

                                                                                                                         MARC McBRIDE, Attorney at Law

​​Aggressive     Experienced     Affordable

Since June of 1997, I have done nothing but, represent people faced with the daunting task of dealing with the criminal courts at the Trial court level in courts throughout Southern California.

My focus is on solving legal problems in a way that minimizes stress so that my clients can get on with their lives.

It is your life and your case.  My job is to push things exactly as far as you need and wish.



Today is the day to start protecting your future

       Every day I see people who don’t understand the criminal "System" get burned when they walk into court unprepared.  The courts do not reward people who don’t understand how to present their legal issues.

        You can minimize or eliminate consequences but, that takes a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney who is dedicated to fixing problems like yours. Hiring the right attorney can completely change the outcome of your case.

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